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Poetry Bio

Jennifer Kathleen Phillips was born in the fifties in New Zealand, but now resides in Australia and is also an Australian citizen. At present she is an artist, teacher, webmaster, song writer and poet. She was 12 years old when she wrote her first poem. She was encouraged by a family friend to publish it, which she did. It was published in the children's section of the "Wellington Evening Post" (view). Subsequently she had a number of poems, stories and art works published in magazines, news papers, on the radio and internet.

At the age of 13 she shifted to Australia where she continued to publish her poems in newspapers and magazines. (link)

She returned to New Zealand and studied at teachers college majoring in Art and maths. She has since taught a variety of subjects to all ages in a vaietry of settings Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary School, High School, College and Adults, teaching individual private lessons as well as groups and classes and giving lectures.

She was the only Hawkes Bay poet to receive a prize in the "Rod McKuen Poetry Competition" (1975) and her poem "Nothing is hidden" was read on Hawkes Bay Radio (view). While in Hawkes Bay along with others, she read her poetry at some of the monthly meetings at the "Cat 'n Fiddle Pub" in Hastings.

In 1983 she published her first book of poetry "In His Time." She has since published 3 more containing a range of her poems, songs and artworks. (view)

Her poem "Yesterday's Pain, Today's Growth" was published as a full page on the back cover of the "Reaper" magazine. October-November 1986, vol.68, No.5. (view)

In the 1980's she began using the computer and found it an effective medium for creating visual poems. Her first visual poems using the computer were published in 1992 (view)

In 1999 Jennifer began publishing her poems in chat rooms and on a range of other Internet sites including:
Curious Record

2001 - Her poem "Australian Gum Trees" was published in "Bending Light" and received an Editors Choice Award (ISBN 0-7951-5029-6).

In April of 2002 Jennifer was the guest poet at a New Zealand Wine evening in Canberra. She shared her poetry with 103 guests (photo).

In 2003 Jennifer was invited to share her poems with a group of women at a ladies retreat in a Baptist Church in South Canberra.

In 2006 Jennifer gave a poetry reading at St. James Anglican Church in Holt, to celebrate Australia Day (photo). She also shared some of her poetry on 2XX radio and was interviewed as a guest poet as part of the ANU Writers Poetry Slam talk back session.

In 2007 Jennifer finally created some interactive poetry that had been in her mind to do since making her first animated poem and an article was written by Aprilia Zank and published in a Romanian literary magazine (view) .

Jennifer's animated poem "Hair Here" was featured in the New Media Highlights section of eSCENE 36 by Walter Cummins, where he shows "the best of the literary web" for (2006 - 2008).

In 2008 Jennifer was interviewed by Anna Carr about Digital Poetics for her university research on digital poetics. Aprilia Zank interviewed her about concrete poetry. The interview was published on the Muenchen University website. Jennifer's concrete poem "start" was used in a Pre Christmas church service ( photo ).

In 2009 Jennifer was invited by Lina Ali to share some of her poetry with 3 year 10 classes at Amaroo School. Lina introduced her. Jennifer shared a range of her poems, speaking some, showing some with the help of the smart board and performing some with the help of some of the students ( Photo 1 , Photo 2 ).

Aprilia Zank's article containing an interview about her concrete poetry was published in an online literary magazine called EgoPhobia . ( View )

14.6.2009 Jennifer's poem "Gum Tree" featured as the weekly poem on and on 21.6.2009 her concrete poem "Control" was featured.

17.1.2010. Jennifer's acrostic poem "Greed" was featured as the weekly poem on
In September, Jennifer was asked to read one of her poems at St. James Church in Canberra. It can be viewed on youtube.
Her poem called "cradled" was the digital poem for the week of September 14th � 20th 2010 on
Her early "Peace" poem featured on

8.10.2011. Jenifer shared a poem at the St. James Ladies retreat in Galong.
29.10.2011 Jennifer spoke about and shared a poem at St. James Church in Holt, ACT.
In December 3 of Jennifer's poems were published in her book called "Israel Photographed: with photographic tips

5th February 2012 "I Love This Gum Treed Country" was featured as the weekly poem on
10/6/12 jennifer shared "In Uison," a visual concrete poem at St. James Church, Holt, ACT, Australia
Published her 5th poetry book: "Word Power Poetry & Poetics: visual digital & concrete"

15.1.2013 "Rocking the Boat" was featured on the home page of Endtime Poetry
21.9.2013 Jennifer shared three poems from her latest book at the Gold Coast Writers Association AGM during their open mike session.

20.7.2014 Jennifer shared three poems at the Poetry In Paradise Gold Coast meeting.
28.7.2014 "The Master Mind - Ephesians" was one of the poems featured on the PoetrySoup home page.

For more highlights of Jennifer's public life, visit the Media Coverage web Page.

Magazine publications with her poetry include:

The Curious Record EDITION #40 October 2014. "Forgiveness" P.8. "Wing To Wing" P.9.
"Are you thirsty Lord", St. James Holt Hamily Magazine, December 2011, page 8
"You Can Let The Word Go", St. James Holt Family Magazine, September 2011, page 21
Jurnalul Literar.Serie noua, an XVIII, nr, 5-8 March - April 2007 Page 19. "Poezii din cinci continente" by Aprillia Zank   (view)
The Curious Record 21st EDITION - June 2008. "Whyless" P. 17
The Curious Record BEST OF THE BEST: VOL II - February 2008
The Curious Record 19th EDITION - October 2007. "1 2 3 4 5"
The Curious Record 17th EDITION - February 2007
The Curious Record 16th EDITION - October 2006
The Curious Record 13th EDITION - October 2005
The Curious Record BEST OF THE BEST: VOL I - October 2004
The Curious Record 3rd EDITION - June 2002
The Curious Record 2nd EDITION - February 2002
Charisma. 21/22 April. 2001. Issue 16/01
Charisma. 21/22 April. 2001. Issue 16/01
Charisma. 24/25 February. 2001. Issue 8/01
Reaper. October-November 1986, vol.68, No.5. view
People. July 16. 1969. Page 39 view

2009 EgoPhobia
Digital Poetics - Interview with Anna Carr (Download pdf 48kb )
Poetry -- an endangered species ? - Interview with Aprilia Zank (Download pdf 259k)
Online comments include:

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